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Maryann Ricci

As Founder & Chief Financial Officer of Flyland Recovery Network, Maryann Ricci possesses broad business acumen and supernatural creativity. Maryann founded Flyland Recovery Network to


Ahmad Bryant

As the dedicated Chief Executive Officer of Flyland Recovery Network, Ahmad has committed himself to helping incoming patients discover their resilience and guiding them toward

Flyland Corporate Sehar Ryan COO

Sehar Ryan

An inspiring and motivational leader who brings a unique background in Criminal Justice and Sociology to her current role as Chief Operating Officer of Flyland


Charles Caccese

Motivated by a profound commitment to help others in the same way he was once helped, Charles embodies what Flyland represents in his role as

Erika Brasington,LMHC, LPCC, LPC

As the Clinical Director of Aurora Recovery Center, Erika possesses extensive experience in the addiction treatment industry. Her primary focus is on improving outcomes, and

Flyland VP of Admissions Chris McCormick

Christopher McCormick

His unique combination of technological know-how and a compassionate heart are highlighted in his role as Vice President of Admissions at Flyland Recovery Network. Many

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