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Radar Recovery Center

Radar Recovery Center is a part of the Flyland Recovery Network. This center is located in San Diego, California and offers state-of-the-art addiction treatment services including detox, residential, and co-occurring disorder treatment. 

Addiction Treatment in San Diego

At Radar Recovery Center, we provide quality addiction treatment and mental health care services. Specializing in detox, residential, and co-occurring disorder treatment, we strive to ensure a patient-focused approach to our treatment plans. By providing our patients the individualized attention they need, it helps ensure long-term addiction recovery success. 

Located in the beautiful, sunny San Diego, California, our newly-renovated campus offers a variety of amenities to ensure comfort during the treatment process. Patients will undergo a variety of different traditional evidence-based treatment modalities and new-age approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, reiki, sound healing, art therapy, and yoga to name a few. 

At Radar Recovery Center, we understand that addiction is a complex disorder that requires experienced and professional care. We believe that every patient deserves respect and a unique approach to treatment. We are committed to providing treatment excellence and a safe, comfortable space to begin the journey of long-lasting recovery. 

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