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Insurance For Drug Rehab

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction there are several options for insurance that are available. The best way to find out what you qualify for is to do an insurance verification and pre-assessment with an admissions representative. Insurance is categorized as private or public insurance plans. Both insurance types either partially or fully cover the treatment costs for every type of addiction. There are various levels of care for addiction treatment, inpatient programs as well as outpatient services. 

Private insurance

Private insurance is any type of insurance plan that is paid by the individual or employer (or both)

Public Insurance

Public health insurance includes plans funded by governments at the federal, state, or local level

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We accept most major insurance plans at our facilities. Please complete the form below to have your benefits checked. Once completed an admissions representative will call you to complete a pre-assessment.

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Insurance treatment

Insurance for addiction treatment.

Addiction is a disease, and there will be continuous damage if the proper treatment is not provided. Insurance companies are required to insure behavioral and mental health conditions. The same way they would cover other treatments for diseases such as heart disease or diabetes. Having insurance for drug rehab is greatly beneficial for those who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction because treatment is expensive.

For those trying to figure out benefits concerning drug rehabilitation programs according to individual insurance policies, a good step to take would be making contact with the insurance provider or do an insurance verification.

Private Insurance

The term private insurance describes when an individuals receive insurance typically through their place of employment. Even though private insurance is likely more expensive than any public insurance plan. The options for treatment are much more comprehensive than any type of state-funded insurance plan.

Private insurance is any type of insurance plan that is paid by the individual or employer (or both). Common insurance providers are Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare and many more. Each company has multiple options for each different state.

The benefits of having private insurance include:

The cost of treatment can be covered in a large portion by the health insurance provider and be less upfront for clients. According to the deductible, most of the time very little is spent on high-quality treatment care. 

Specialized options for drug or alcohol addiction treatment can include a number of different types of rehab programs. There are gender and age-specific programming available. There are also alcohol and drug rehabs that offer clients luxury amenities while they’re receiving top-of-the-line care for therapy and detoxing. Amenities usually seen in quality treatment programs are salon and spa services, yoga or fitness programs, private chefs, computer labs, and many more. 

Before making a decision on any type of treatment program, it is important to choose a drug rehab covered by the specific insurance type. Flyland Recovery Network offers free insurance verifications. For a confidential call and to run your insurance verification for drug rehab call us.

Public Insurance

In recent years the opioid epidemic has shed light on the problem in our country concerning drug addiction. The government now has a variety of programs dedicated to combating the epidemic. In dedicated resources such as education on the disease, treatment programs, and prevention efforts.

Insurance plans from the state, such as Medicaid programs or through the Marketplace, can make inpatient and outpatient programs for drug and alcohol rehab affordable.

For most government insurance programs there are income requirements and guidelines. Clients who are planning on getting insurance for drug or alcohol addiction treatment should check with the rehab facility beforehand. This will help you find out what public insurance is accepted, then enroll in the proper insurance plan accordingly.

There are also many nonprofit drug rehab options for those who are uninsured. Nonprofit drug rehabs are funded by donations from community members, grants from the government, efforts from churches, and many programs that nonprofits run as a part of their specialized programming.

In order to discover the insurance plan appropriate for any type of alcohol or drug treatment addiction center, contact must be made with the health insurance provider. At Flyland Recovery Network, we have insight into national drug rehab programs and lists of insurance plans, so call us and we can point you in the correct direction, 1-888-400-1556.

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