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Your First Day of Recovery

Rehab programs for drug and alcohol addiction

It is normal to go through a spectrum of emotions upon admission into a treatment program. Life as you have known it is changing because you have hit a point where your day to day has become unmanageable. At Flyland Recovery Network, we encourage you to step into your power and develop healthy behaviors that will lead you towards the life you envision for yourself – free of substance use disorder (SUD).

Drug Rehab

What to expect at a Flyland Facility?

From the moment you arrive at one of our centers you will be supported by our welcoming team. Each of our centers provide a warm and compassionate environment designed specifically for patient comfort during the medical detox and residential treatment process. All meals are cooked from scratch by our onsite culinary chef. Each room has its own private bathroom and each bed comes equipped with a personal tablet system for engagement, entertainment and support. Exercise and gaming equipment are available to use at your convenience.

Rehab Entail

What does drug and alcohol rehab entail?

Though we place an emphasis on personalizing your care, there are some standardized treatment modalities backed by empirical data of best outcomes.

Medical Detox

Depending on your drug of choice, medical detoxification may be a necessary part of your treatment protocol. This is a 5 to 10 day process of removing all drugs, alcohol and toxins from the body while under 24-hour medical supervision. The medical team will closely monitor patients during this level of care. Medications are provided to mitigate dangerous symptoms and alleviate temporary discomforts during the withdrawal process.

Residential Treatment

This level of care is in-patient for up to a month with a dedicated medical team that is tasked with addressing the underlying causation of your addiction and co-occurring disorders. During this stage you unveil what has led you to your current state and create a clear game plan for restoration and sustained recovery.

Counseling and Group Therapy

Types of psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy will be incorporated at every level of care during your time in rehab. This modality is designed to meet you where you are in life and connect you with peer-to-peer messaging, coping skills and equip you with the tools for lifelong management. In a professional-led environment, patients identify relationships and situations that have fueled their addictions.


The core component of any addiction treatment process is teaching the tools used to remain well through future life changes. Patients learn how drugs and alcohol affect their bodies both physically and emotionally. Relapse prevention, healthy coping mechanisms and management of mental health conditions help acclimate individuals back into society.


Support from those around you is essential to lifelong recovery. A critical part of our program consists of building hope, rebuilding lives and restoring connection. Addiction not only causes damage to ourselves, often it causes damage to the relationships we cherish the most, or in more extreme cases it is part of the causation that lead us to our conditions.

In some cases this requires reunification and reconciliation of the damage done prior or during your addiction. It can look like learning forgiveness for times there wasn’t an apology given or making amends for the behaviors you’ve taken part in that caused damage to your relationships.


Discharge planning with your case manager is the last step of residential treatment. It is recommended for best outcomes that you attend a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP) following your treatment at a Flyland center.

During aftercare, the patient will remain in a structured environment, monitored for relapse, attend different levels of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) while learning selfcare skills addiction may have diminished.


Following your treatment regiment, you are invited to continue participation in social gatherings, weekly support meetings and community based activities. This is a space providing continual advice, encouragement, and sober fun. The idea is to have a relatable support for the bad days, developing gratitude, building empathy, and feeling a sense of community.

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