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Our alumni community is there for any patient who has completed one of our mental health or substance use programs. This community serves to support lifelong recovery and well-being. Treatment within our facilities only lasts a short time, but living in recovery is an endeavor that has its ups and downs. Despite the challenges you may face, you’re never alone. At Flyland, we have created an extensive alumni network that is here for you every step of the way.

About Our Alumni Program

Our Alumni program is meant for those who have been with our family going through one of our detox or residential care facilities. After successfully completing our detox and residential care treatment programs, you’ll be welcomed to join our Alumni. Our program holds meetings, events, outings, and fun festivities, during which we come together to connect and continue to help one another. Remaining connected to a community or support networks throughout your journey is essential for maintaining focus and responsibility. You can receive the support and encouragement needed to stay on track by staying engaged with others.

What We Do In Our Alumni Program

We’ve put together our alumni group to be as accessible to all of our alumni. We have different events and get-togethers, allowing everyone to participate and stay connected. Some benefits of our alumni group include:

  • Volunteer events
  • Social media groups
  • 12-step meetings
  • Online support groups
  • Events 


We established our alumni network with the purpose of providing an enduring support system for individuals who have completed their treatment with us. You will forever be a valued member of the Flyland community, and our goal is to assist you in maintaining optimal mental well-being and a substance-free life. Remember, you will always have a dedicated community standing by your side.

Benefits of Our Alumni Program

At Flyland Recovery Network, we believe recovery should be a joyful journey. That’s why our alumni events are filled with exciting activities designed to help you embrace life. Plus, our social media groups provide a way to stay connected with the recovery community no matter where you are on your journey. Once you’ve completed any program with us, you’ll always have a supportive community at your fingertips.

Other Recovery Resources Outside of Our Alumni Program

There are many other resources that are available at a local level near you aside from our alumni program. 

For Substance Use Disorder Recovery:


For Mental Health Disorder Recovery:

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