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Ahmad Bryant

Chief Executive Officer

As the dedicated Chief Executive Officer of Flyland Recovery Network, Ahmad has committed himself to helping incoming patients discover their resilience and guiding them toward a path of recovery. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and as a Certified addiction professional, Ahmad is a first-generation college graduate and has even studied Addiction in Hong Kong. Ahmad is always eager to lend an ear of advice and share his wealth of knowledge.

In his day-to-day activities, Ahmad collaborates closely with various teams including operations, finance, marketing, sales, human resources, legal, compliance, and technology. He skillfully balances the needs of employees and patients, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Ahmad’s ultimate goal is to cultivate a strong company culture that prioritizes healing. By doing so, he not only strengthens Flyland Recovery Network but also enhances his own capabilities as a CEO. He takes pleasure in sharing words of guidance with those embarking on their treatment journey, encouraging them to surrender and embrace the suggestions provided.

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