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Fentanyl Treatment & Withdrawal

Fentanyl overdose is unfortunately common. Use of the synthetic opioid can quickly lead to addiction. Because of the strong physical dependence that is created when it is used, fentanyl withdrawal symptoms make quitting a difficult endeavor. Relapse is all but inevitable without proper medical care, rehabilitation, and subsequent measures (e.g., support groups).

About Fentanyl Addiction And Withdrawal Treatment

If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious substance addiction, you probably know that curing or treating drug addiction is not a simple matter of leaving the substance behind and getting on with one’s life. Fentanyl addiction is a complex phenomenon with physical and psychological ramifications. As a powerful opioid drug, fentanyl interacts with receptors in the nervous system, altering the way that chemical messages are sent throughout the brain and body.

Fentanyl causes massive amounts of dopamine to be released in the brain’s reward circuit, leading to feelings of pleasure. The release of dopamine reinforces the activity that led to the pleasurable experience; the brain “learns” that fentanyl should be taken again. Over time, a dependence on the drug develops and the brain stops functioning the way that it did beforehand. It relies on the drug, and when it does not receive an expected dose, withdrawal symptoms follow shortly thereafter. Subjectively, these symptoms can be severe to the person who experiences them.

Unfortunately, fentanyl has claimed many lives through addiction, misuse, and unintentional overdoses. It is a powerful synthetic opioid that should only be used as prescribed, under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor. Professional medical intervention is needed in order to effectively treat a fentanyl addiction and safely manage withdrawal symptoms. Flyland provides 24/7 patient care and highly personalized addiction recovery programs for optimal results in a safe and comfortable environment.


Flyland Is A Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Center

Substance addiction is a condition that is dependent on so many different variables, not the least of which is the type of substance in question. Addiction to caffeine, for instance, is relatively benign and does not require inpatient care at an addiction recovery center. It does not require outpatient care either. On the other hand, addiction to other substances often does call for professional medical intervention.

Drug rehabilitation centers provide an important and much-needed service to countless individuals. Even so, many of them are not equipped to adequately handle fentanyl addiction. They specialize in recovery from other substances. Flyland is different in that it does provide specialized fentanyl addiction intervention and recovery care. Our expert staff members are equipped to effectively handle fentanyl detoxification and withdrawal. Additionally, our personalized addiction recovery programs are meant to get you through fentanyl detox, withdrawal, and addiction recovery as safely, comfortably, and efficiently as possible.

While we do specialize in general drug recovery care and have demonstrated success with patients addicted to a long list of substances other than fentanyl, make no mistake about it: We are the premier fentanyl addiction treatment center in Florida. If you are suffering from a fentanyl or opioid addiction, call our 24/7 addiction hotline today at 1-888-307-1527.

We Provide A Safe Fentanyl Withdrawal Schedule

Anyone who is dependent on fentanyl will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it. As is the case with other opioids, fentanyl withdrawal symptoms can include fever, cold sweats, muscle pain, joint pain, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, drug cravings, and more. In some cases, it can even include convulsions and hallucinations. The withdrawal experience is extremely unpleasant, to say the least — the total opposite of the pleasure many seek when they take the drug, to begin with. It is best managed at a licensed and qualified treatment center.

Time and again, Flyland has proven that fentanyl withdrawal is managed most effectively when expertise meets compassion in a safe and clean environment. Our staff members take into account every patient’s individual needs and feelings as they provide expert care. Our highly individualized approach to drug addiction treatment and recovery care includes a safe and effective withdrawal schedule for optimal comfort in an understandably difficult situation — one that might otherwise seem unbearable.

Opioid withdrawal usually lasts anywhere from 7 – 10 days, depending on the severity of the underlying drug addiction. Sometimes it can last up to 14 days or more. At its peak, symptoms are most severe. They are not necessarily life-threatening, but complications can and do occur. And while it does not mean that death is right around the corner, anyone experiencing the more severe aspects of withdrawal can certainly feel as if it is. Flyland’s fentanyl withdrawal schedule takes every patient’s medical safety and subjective feelings into account. We do what we can to make sure that you go through withdrawal as safely and comfortably as possible.


The Best Fentanyl Treatment Programs

When it comes to substance abuse treatment programs, the saying, “They’re all the same,” could not apply less. Approaches vary and not all are supported by sound scientific reasoning. Additionally, licensed treatment centers with generally good care do not always produce the best results because their programs are not as personalized as they could be. If their results in addiction recovery are good enough, they are not achieved as efficiently as possible.

Sometimes the problem lies in a treatment center’s hired staff. Sound addiction recovery treatment is provided, but staff members seem disconnected from the plight of their patients. Empathy and understanding are not high in terms of priority. In such cases, patients are not made to feel as valuable as they are — as human as those who are caring for them. The importance of how they feel throughout the recovery process is undermined. Such could not be further from the truth at Flyland.

The best fentanyl addiction and withdrawal treatment programs view patients as whole human beings who need to be heard and cared for as they go through a highly customized recovery program. The treatment experience includes much more than simply medical care and calculated steps toward recovery. Flyland’s approach to fentanyl addiction treatment takes this into consideration every step of the way, cementing our position as the premiere rehab and recovery center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fentanyl is an opioid, and the duration of withdrawal from it depends on the length and severity of a person’s dependence on the drug. Dosage and frequency of use factor into the equation, as does the method of ingestion. Generally, short-acting opioid withdrawal symptoms last up to 10 days. Withdrawal from long-acting opioids and extended-release formulations of fentanyl can last up to 14 days. Everyone’s situation is different. Flyland takes a highly personalized approach to addiction, detox, and withdrawal treatment.

Fentanyl withdrawal is unpleasant and can be most challenging at its peak. The subjective experience is the polar opposite of the pleasurable one that is associated with taking the drug. Whereas the illicit use of fentanyl leads to feelings of relaxation and euphoria, withdrawal causes nausea, muscle aches, anxiety, and more. Flyland makes the fentanyl withdrawal experience as safe and comfortable as possible

Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, agitation, drug cravings, muscle aches, anxiety, hypertension, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, hallucinations, convulsions, and more. Life-threatening complications can arise, but are not typical. Symptoms peak at about mid-withdrawal and can be subjectively severe. The experienced staff at Flyland will make sure that you go through fentanyl withdrawal as safely and comfortably as possible.

Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms begin as early as 12 hours after the last dose was taken. Extended release forms of fentanyl delay the onset of symptoms up to about a day after last usage.

Fentanyl withdrawal refers to the combined mental and physical effects that occur when someone who is dependent on fentanyl stops using the drug. The experience of withdrawal can be moderate to severe, depending on the duration of a person’s fentanyl dependence as well as their frequency of use. In any case, withdrawal is unpleasant and is best experienced at a licensed treatment facility. Flyland makes fentanyl withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible.

Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms are best managed at a licensed inpatient treatment facility, where over-the-clock care is provided and qualified staff can quickly address any issues or emergencies that might arise. The subjective effects of fentanyl withdrawal can be severe and are best dealt with under supervision. As a true recovery center, Flyland helps you get through fentanyl withdrawal safely and comfortably, and our customized recovery programs make it so that you can effectively recover from your addiction.

Inpatient fentanyl abuse, addiction, and withdrawal treatment refers to the care that is given at a residential treatment facility. It is juxtaposed to outpatient care, which is not residential and is generally less intensive. Flyland provides patients/residents with personalized, 24/7 addiction recovery care in a setting that is highly optimized for the occasion.

An outpatient fentanyl abuse and addiction program gives non-residential addiction recovery treatment to those who do not require intensive, around-the-clock care. Outpatient programs allow patients to go about their daily lives when they are not at their treatment center. However, fentanyl addiction is serious and potentially life-threatening. Taking that into consideration, the focused and personalized inpatient programs at Flyland are designed to be as effective and efficient as possible with experienced staff on hand 24/7.

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