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Radar Recovery Center

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Mario Ulloa

As the Director of Operations at Radar Recovery Center, Mario finds satisfaction in watching individuals leave treatment with revitalized hope. He is dedicated to ensuring


Elise Bovell, LVN

As the Director of Nursing at Radar Recovery Center, Elise brings ambition and inspiration to the fight against addiction and mental health. Her career choice


Rafaela Buenaventura, LCSW

As a Program Director at Radar Recovery Center, Rafaela holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and has extensive experience in the recovery field. She

Radar-Recovery-Center-Nathaly Ruiz, APCC

Nathaly Ruiz, APCC

As a Primary Therapist at Radar Recovery Center, Nathaly is responsible for conducting family sessions, maintaining ongoing communication within the team, and providing the best


Hannah Thayer, MA, APCC

With her commitment to helping individuals unlock their potential, and gain self-understanding, Hannah is a Primary Therapist at Radar Recovery Center. Having lived in Spain,


Ryan Weissman

As a Case Manager at Radar Recovery Center, Ryan empowers his patients to achieve personal progress while providing the best possible care. With a deep


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