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Ember Recovery Center

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Andrew Hooper

As the Executive Director at Ember Recovery Center, Andrew is deeply passionate about providing patient care, helping others, and offering advice to those starting their


Rachel Vargas, LMHC

As the Clinical Director at Ember Recovery Center, Rachel has dedicated herself to helping her patients acquire the education and encouragement they need to live

Margie Green, LPN

As the Director of Nursing at Ember Recovery Center, Margie is an inspiring and compassionate leader with 7 years of addiction treatment experience. She focuses


Diane Rowley, MS

As a Primary Therapist at Ember Recovery Center, Diane is best known for helping her clients transform from lost to inspired and hopeful. Her approach


Toni Lopez, MS

As a Primary Therapist at Ember Recovery Center, Toni has dedicated herself to helping others navigate the challenges of addiction and mental health. Her career


Tara Wilson

As a Lead Case Manager at Ember Recovery Center, Tara is an inspirational figure, going above and beyond to ensure her patients have success in

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