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Matthew Ianni

As the Executive Director of Beacon Recovery Center, he is no stranger to the challenges patients face when deciding to seek help. With a background


Corbin Hall

As the Director of Operations at Daylight Recovery Center, Corbin finds great fulfillment in the impact he has on people who are in the early

Daylight-Recover-Center-Rochelly Giraud, LMHC

Rochelly Giraud, LMHC, MCAP

As the Clinical Director at Daylight Recovery Center, Rochelly is responsible for overseeing and supervising the clinical staff while providing excellent patient care. Her mission


Frances Donato, RN

As the Director of Nursing at Daylight Recovery Center, Frances devotes her life to making a positive impact by providing comfort and care to those


Breanna Nyul, MS

Breanna Nyul is a passionate and compassionate Primary Therapist at Daylight Recovery Center specializing in trauma, grief, and substance abuse. Breanna loves watching her patients


Amanda Michniak

As a Case Manager at Daylight Recovery Center, Amanda channels her experience and education into empowering her clients to achieve personal progress while providing the

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