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Matthew Ianni

As the Executive Director of Beacon Recovery Center, he is no stranger to the challenges patients face when deciding to seek help. With a background

Flyland-Kristin Rodriguez, LMHC

Kristin Rodriguez, LMHC

As the Clinical Director at Beacon Recovery Center, her calling lies in making a difference in our patients’ lives by creating an environment of acceptance


Olivia Sierra, MSW, RCSWI

As a Primary Therapist at Beacon Recovery Center, Olivia helps her patients reclaim their physical, mental, and energetic well-being. She finds the power of the

Christopher J. Brown

Christopher J. Brown, MSW, LCSW, and EMDR provider, is a primary therapist who utilizes a trauma-informed approach to assess, provide individual therapy, and conduct psycho-educational

Matt Tratner, Primary Thearpist

Matt Tratner

Matt Tratner is an enthusiastic and passionate primary therapist with two Masters in Education and Clinical Social Work specializing in trauma, substance use, and LGBTQ+


Justin Gelband

As the Facility Manager at Beacon Recovery Center, Justin brings much enthusiasm and dedication to his work. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, he

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