Aurora Recovery Center

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Aurora-Recovery-Center-Jay Bayala

Jay Bayala

As the Director of Operations at Aurora Recovery Center, Jay holds a crucial role in the organization’s mission to help individuals on their path to

Erika Brasington,LMHC, LPCC, LPC

As the Clinical Director of Aurora Recovery Center, Erika possesses extensive experience in the addiction treatment industry. Her primary focus is on improving outcomes, and

Crystal Donato, RN

As the Executive Director of Nursing at Aurora Recovery Center, she is dedicated to inspiring and pursuing unparalleled patient care. With unwavering dedication to her

Dusty Delhagen, MA

As a Primary Therapist at Aurora Recovery Center, Dusty possesses a deep understanding of the complexities of addiction and mental health. Her passion for helping

Edgar Ruano, MA, MS, PLMHC, AMFT

As a Primary Therapist at Aurora Recovery Center, Edgar plays a pivotal role in the recovery journey of individuals struggling with addiction. His dedication to

Elizabeth Gonzalez, BS

As a dedicated Case Manager at Aurora Recovery Center, Elizabeth plays a vital role in the journey of individuals seeking to overcome addiction and embark


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